Northeast Bend

A mix of homes and businesses and parks

A mixture of residences, parks, trails and businesses, Boyd Acres Neighborhood offers a little of everything:  eight public schools including two new experimental high schools; sports venues for climbing, team sports and Pickleball; Pine Nursery and Rock Ridge community parks, Riley Ranch and several neighborhood parks. 

Our neighborhood lies in the rain shadow of the Central Oregon Cascade Mountains at an elevation near 3,300 feet. BANA is bordered by the Deschutes River on the West and Hamby Road on the East.  Mountain views attract residents to the neighborhood as well as convenience to shopping and services.  The vital commercial sector includes hundreds of businesses, breweries and retail shops from doggie day care to printing services and comfort food restaurants. 

The neighborhood was recently expanded with the new Urban Growth Boundary that incorporates Juniper Ridge, a mixed use light industrial area and an extension on the northwest section referred to as the North Triangle. Boyd Acres, like Bend proper, is growing.