There are 6 sectors of Boyd Acres as defined by the BANA board and listed by name below. A list of subdivisions names and homeowner associations (HOA's) is also available. Notice the railroad is a major divider in the neighborhood, as are Empire Blvd, 18th St, 3rd St and the 20 and 97 highways. The intention of the BANA board is to assign each sector to a volunteer spokesman who can watch and report to the board safety and esthetic concerns or achievements. Further refinement of the sectors can be made as spokesmen become available.

  1. O B RILEY (west of Highway 20/3rd)
  2. INTERCHANGE (east of Highway 20/3rd, west of the railroad)
  3. BRINSON (east of the railroad, west of 18th, south of Empire)
  4. CANAL REACH (east of 18th)
  5. MORNING STAR (east of the railroad, west of 18th, north of Empire, south of Fred Meyer/Boyd Acres/Tristar)
  6. EAST COOLEY (east of the railroad, north of Fred Meyer/Boyd Acres/Tristar)