Streets and Sidewalks

Navigating through the neighborhood will involve using arterials, collectors and residential streets. Highway 20, Highway 97, O B Riley, Hunnell Rd, Boyd Acres Rd (south part) and 18th St. are the north-south arterials. Brinson, Cooley Rd, Empire Blvd and Robal Rd are the east-west arterials. Major collectors include Archie Briggs Rd, Jamison St., Brinson and Purcell Blvds. Boyd Acres Rd (north part), and Morningstar Dr. are minor collectors. Speed limits on arterials range from 35 to 45 mph and from 25 to 35 mph on major collectors.  The speed limit on minor collectors and residential streets is 25 mph. 

Arterials and major collectors receive top priority for the winter street operations by the City of Bend. There are private streets within the neighborhood that must be cleared by the appropriate HOA.  Multimodal transportation is a strategy of the City and consequently many collectors and arterials have bike lanes. The sidewalk network is sadly incomplete but where sidewalks or alleys exist it is the responsibility of the adjacent property owners to keep them clear of snow and obstructions.