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Sign Code To Be Amended

Begins On: March 3rd 2021
Time: 7 p.m.
Location: City Council Meeting

The Bend Sign Code regulates the types and sizes of signs that are allowed on a site based on which sign district they are located in. There are six sign districts in the City of Bend and they are identified on a map in the Sign Code.
The last time the map was updated was in 2011. Since then the sign district map has not been updated to include properties that have annexed into the City. The proposed amendments update the map and associated text to include these properties.

On January 21, 2021, staff emailed the draft to the Bend Development Code Update Group for their review. On January 25, 2021, the Planning Commission held a session and discussed the proposed amendments. Following the Planning Commissionís January 25, 2021 work session, staff added the following to the proposed draft to describe the Sign Districts. Similar descriptions were in the Bend Sign Code prior to 2012 and are still referenced today.
1. The following defines each sign district on Figure 9.50.040, Sign District Map: a. Sign District 1. Primarily a highway commercial use area and 3rd Street.
b. Sign District 2. Primarily an industrial or commercial use area.
c. Sign District 3. Primarily the downtown business district area and mixed use areas. Code Update February 8, 2021 Page 3 of 8
d. Sign District 4. Primarily commercial, mixed-use, industrial and institutional uses adjacent to residential areas.
e. Sign District 5.Primarily a residential use area.
f. Sign District 6. The Bend Parkway encompassing the area within a distance of 300 lineal feet as measured from either side of the Bend Parkway right-of-ways.

Staff also added a new subsection to clarify that when a property is annexed into the City, that the sign district map will automatically be updated with the corresponding sign district.  Sign District Boundaries of Annexed Areas. On the date an annexation becomes effective, the Sign District Boundary Map will be automatically updated with the corresponding sign district defined in subsection 9.50.040(B)(3); the annexation ordinance will specify which sign district(s) will be assigned. On February 8, 2021, the Planning Commission held a public hearing and recommended approval of the amendments.

The sign code is designed to:

A. To ensure that signs are designed, constructed, installed and maintained to assure public and traffic safety;
B. To reflect and support the desired character and development patterns of the community;
C. To allow adequate and effective signs without dominating the visual landscape;
D. To balance the needs of business with the desire to preserve and enhance the visual character of the City.