Board Members

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Ashlie Bibaud

Ashlie Bibaud serves as the Land Use Chair for the neighborhood association. A realtor by trade, she reviews the permit applications and attends meetings with developers to keep us abreast of new developments. She is a former Californian who stopped off in Eugene for a time before moving to Bend two years ago.

I strive to provide updates to the community about anything that may be changing in our area, Ashlie says. I believe staying connected as a community is a priority. My goal in being a board member is to help initiate more neighborhood events for us all to feel more connected.



Jackson is an innovator in the climate tech space. Like many others in the field he has a passion for people and the planet, and a drive to make an impact. He enjoys fostering community and helping others.


Jackson moved to Oregon 8 years ago and fell in love with Bend during his first visit. 


Boyd Acres is a wonderful place to live. Ive really enjoyed connecting with my neighbors throughout my time living here. My hope for my time with BANA is to focus on community engagement and impact.


Brittney Clark

Brittney Clark will be the business liaison for BANA. She has lived in Bend four and one half years, coming from North Carolina so her husband could take a job with Habitat for Humanity. Currently a stay at home mom to two kids, Brittney has worked as a corporate event planner.

I joined the board to meet my neighbors and become more involved in my community, she says.

David Johnson

David Johnson has lived in Bend for eight years. He moved to Bend in 2014 after having been introduced to it by a friend. I fell in love with the mountains the fly fishing and the large trees. My business background includes oil and gas exploration, residential and commercial real estate development and bio-remediation endeavors.

Previously I served as Vice President of the Mountain High board of directors here in Bend. My hope during my tenure with BANA is to help maintain the quality of life in Boyd Acres as well as reduce the number of eyesores in the neighborhood.

Adam Leask

Adam Leask moved to Bend in 2001 on a job transfer and hasnt looked back since. I started my family in Bend and am now the proud father of three kiddos (20, 15, & 8) and husband to a beautiful lady, Mindy Leask. We moved to Boyd Acres in 2014 love how the area has such a wonderful mix of parks and business that provide fun for our children and such a fun variety of breweries and restaurants for us. Adam maintains Electronic Medical Record (EMR) software for a company called Ero Health supporting a variety of medical clinics through the US including some here in Deschutes County.

I would love to see growth in our neighborhood association. Ive always found BANA to be a wonderful and educational resource for the neighborhood. Im excited to be working alongside several intelligent people who are such great neighborhood resources and I hope to learn a lot from them, he says.

Diane Oser

Diane Oser spent a career as an attorney helping couples uncouple. In retirement she spends part of the year in Florida where she has been shore agent for Princess Cruises. That is another way to help people as they begin an adventure at sea. The Osers moved to Bend in 2012 and Diane says she is still learning about the area and issues. She looks forward to serving on the BANA board ad sharing her expertise. She is an alumna of Willamette University, Portland State and Lewis and Clark College of Law. Like many Americans, Diane has sampled life in several states but chose Oregon to retire.

Victoria Wang

Victoria is an experienced human resource executive, most recently consulting for non-profit organizations and tech start-ups. Victoria has been trained and certified as a crisis responder and child advocate. Beyond mentorship and teaching, Victoria is passionate about animal rescue and environmental sustainability solutions. Victoria enjoys taking long walks with her German Shepherd Husky and both fell in love with Bend's outdoor activities.

Boyd Acres has been my dream neighborhood to live in. I was raised in a safe, close community and I wanted to make an impactful contribution to building the same environment where I settled down, she says. 
Ive enjoyed meeting my neighbors and volunteering at Assistance League, High Desert Museum, Lighthouse, Giving Plate, and Think Wild. My hope for my time with BANA is to focus on community connection and resource/service engagement.