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Current annual report

The pandemic took its toll on neighborhoods

As with most things in life, the last few years have been a time of change for the Boyd Acre neighborhood.  The BANA board met via Zoom rather than in person.  However, we still had speakers on important topics of concern to our members.  Kathleen Roche led the Neighborhood Association for three years during this challenging time. 

We anticipate new members and new energy on the board of directors.  We look forward to the annual meeting and an opportunity to gather as a neighborhood community. 

BANA response to City survey on issues to prioritize this year

History of Boyd Acres Neighborhood Association

BANA is one of 13 Neighborhood Associations in Bend

In the early 2000s Bend's City Council promoted the formation of Neighborhood Associations to improve communications with city residents. Boyd Acres the area extending from the Deschutes River east to the Pilot Butte canal and north of Butler Market Road to the City limits was designated one of the 13 Neighborhoods.  Boyd Acres Neighborhood Association (BANA) was formed in 2003.  

Past chair persons

2003 Paul Claeyssens
2004 Rick Williams
2005 Linda Perelli-Wright
2006-2007 Connie Kennard
2008 Nels Hesseldahl
2009-2016 Larry Kierulff
2017 Don Leonard
2018-2019 Joette Storm
2020-2021 Cindy King
2021-2022 Kathleen Roche

BANA volunteers work to communicate area needs and ideas to the City Council and administration and to share city information with residents and businesses.  Any resident may be a member simply by registering. Membership is free. 

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Boyd Acres Neighborhood Association

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