Important Documents

2018-19 annual report

Boyd Acres 2018-2019 compliance narrative

 During the course of this past year, the Boyd Acres (BANA) board shared its skills and talent with the community in a variety of ways:

Hosted a number of speakers on important topics including a Transportation Forum on the City’s Transportation planning process. Seventy persons attended including two mayoral candidates. City, County and State planners participated.
Board members provided facilitation and leadership to the formation of the Neighborhood Leadership Alliance, the Neighborhood Round Table and the Community Organizations Active in Disasters.

Partnered with Bethlehem Inn to pilot their Blue Bag donation program.

Nominated a neighborhood resident/board member to the city’s Juniper Ridge Management Advisory Board.  Jim Beauchemin was recently appointed to that board.
Updated the BANA website and maintained a social media presence on Nextdoor and Facebook. Greta Turillo defined the Boyd Acres Neighborhood on Nextdoor. Matt Bryant created a Facebook group.  And hosted Meet and Greet sessions at local cafes and restaurants.

 Recruited new board and committee members.
We attempted to refine our hard copy mailing by using the Every Door Delivery Method as opposed to mailing to tax lots, many of which are commercial buildings.  The annual meeting notice was delivered to 3,268 residential doors.  Although this did not reach every residence in our boundaries, it had a substantial impact.  That allowed us to save $600 on postage.
Obtained a free audit of the BANA website from a national firm and had the local web host firm use it to update the website at a cost of $200.

 BANA updated the Welcome card to include a new map, thanks to help from Lee Klemp at the City, and information specific to Boyd Acres.

 The Board worked closely with the project team for the Empire roundabout and was able to have the speed limit on the detour streets reduced to 20 mph for the duration of the construction. 

Acting chair
Cindy King

BANA response to City survey on issues to prioritize this year